Core Members

Role of the Core:

The CORE team consists of 14 members who are practicing Catholics in good standing with the Catholic Church.  These team members are registered members of their parish.  They are committed to the building of the ACTS Community within their parish and to the ACTS CORE as a ministry. The CORE meets every month at Hostyn Queen of the Holy Rosary Church. 

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CORE Members


Deacon Doug Tromblee

St. Roch ~ Mentz 


Dwain Dungen
Sts. Peter & Paul  ~ Frelsburg


Debbie Klam

St. Michael ~ Weimar

Finance Coordinator

Rhea Wagner

Sacred Heart ~ La Grange


Catherine "Rabbit" Janecka

St. Michael ~ Weimar

Music Coordinator

Jackie Machac

St. Rose ~ Schulenburg

Communication Coordinator

Irma Rerich

St. Michael ~ Weimar

Send-Off Coordinator

Scott Orange

St. Roch's ~ Mentz

Candlelight Coordinator

Adela Luksovsky

St. Rose ~ Schulenburg

Return Meal Coordinator

Gladys Kutac 

St. Rose  ~ Schulenburg

Supply/Trailer Coordinator

Rob Kleiman

St. Anthony~ Columbus

Supply/Trailer CO-Coordinator

Greg Vasut

Sts. Peter & Paul ~ Plum

Spiritual Coordinator

Sandy Del Vecchio

Holy Rosary ~ Hostyn

TEEN Liason

Allison Machac

St. Rose ~ Schulenburg