​Men's Spring Retreat

April 4-7, 2024

Women's Spring Retreat

April 25-28, 2024

Teen Retreat

June 13-16, 2024

Men's Fall Retreat

August 22-25, 2024

Women's Fall Retreat

September 26-29, 2024

What is a Retreat?

An ACTS retreat is a three day and three night Catholic lay retreat presented by fellow parishioners. The retreat begins on Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday at a Mass celebrated with the parish community. Retreats for men and retreats for women are given separately. Talks and activities during the retreat focus on Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service, from which the ACTS acronym is derived. Holy Scripture and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are the guides for the retreats. The retreat takes on the traditions and atmosphere of the parish community sponsoring it. Each retreat is conducted by a retreat "team" composed of 30-40 individuals who have attended prior ACTS retreats. Chosen by the retreat Director, the team organizes the retreat, conducts the retreat talks and activities, and ministers to the needs of the retreatants during the retreat weekend. An ACTS weekend is designed to help the retreatants enter into a new or deeper relationship with our Lord and fellow parishioners. This is accomplished through Adoration and daily prayer, the call to Community in one's parish as a member of the Body of Christ, and Theology in encouraging the study of Scripture and our Catholic Faith. All of which emphasize and encourage the virtue of Service to our Lord Jesus Christ, our parish, and one another. A parish ACTS retreat strives to achieve the directives of Vatican II and goals of the Revised Code of Canon Law of 1983 which emphasize "community and pastoral care" within a parish. The weekend allows the retreatants to experience God's love and joy. They return to their parish with a deeper love for each other and a desire to become more involved in their parish faith community. Retreat facility costs make up the bulk of the retreat expense. Facility costs range from approximately $75-$150 per person for the three nights of the retreat. Additional expenses for literature, materials, postage and other ancillary items are approximately $35 per person. The total cost of an ACTS retreat may be approximately $110-$185 per person. As you see, the cost is very reasonable; however, there are those who may not be able to afford the weekend. In order to make the retreat available to all those who desire to go, the parish must underwrite a portion of the total cost of the retreat. The amount to be underwritten will depend on the particular circumstances of the parish and the available retreat facilities.

2024 Retreat Dates